Preacher’s Blog

Is it the end of the world?

First of all, from a Biblical perspective I have to say – don’t worry about it.  In the grand scheme of things we are not supposed to be worrying about whether it is the last days or not.  We should be living our lives as if it is the last day.  We should be hopeful that tomorrow we could be on the beginning of our eternal journey with Christ.  We should be currently living each day as if it is the last chance we will be able to talk to someone about Christ.

If we are looking forward to our time with Jesus Christ and if we truly recognize just who He is and what He has done for us (taking our sin and nailing it to a cross), then we should not be able to contain ourselves from sharing this message with everyone we come in contact with.  Our priority should be to further the Kingdom that God will restore when the time comes.

God created man for an intimate relationship with Himself.  We messed that up by practicing our freedom to choose, and we chose sin.  So God went about a process to redeem us back to Himself.  That was the purpose for the nation of Israel, and that was the purpose of His Son entering the world.  The purpose for His death and resurrection was to conquer death on my behalf.  No longer does blood have to be shed for the act of sin because His blood was shed once and for all.  Now we live under the umbrella of grace with our hope of tomorrow being truly redeemed to the Father who put this entire plan in motion from the very beginning.

See how it works?  God is so much bigger than most of us give Him credit for.  All He wants is that relationship back.  He wants a relationship with you.  Right now, and if you accept – it will last an eternity.